DeKalb County

Husband of woman hit by officer: 'I'm filled with anger'

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The husband of a woman seen on video being beaten with a baton by a police officer is asking for justice.

Channel 2's Sophia Choi obtained the cellphone video over the weekend. The video shows an officer hitting Katie McCrary with a baton inside a convenience store on Glenwood Road.

McCrary’s husband, Antoine McCrary, spoke exclusively to Choi on Wednesday. He says the video fills him with anger and pain.

On June 4, police received a call from the store of a female soliciting customers inside of a Chevron gas station.

In his report, Officer P.J. Lascheid said the incident began when Mrs. McCrary refused to follow his orders and even assaulted him.


Supervisors cleared the officer of any wrongdoing but after seeing this cell phone video captured by a witness and posted on YouTube, investigators re-opened the case.

“We consider it new evidence and so we’re just taking a look at that video to make sure it aligns with what the officer had initially reported,” said Shiera Campbell, a spokesperson for DeKalb County police.

McCrary says he thinks this is definitely a case of police brutality.

“She was not technically fighting. She was trying to block hits from the baton,” he said. “I don’t see her doing anything like that. Yes, she has mental problems but to me my wife is one of the kindest persons on earth,” he explained.

On Wednesday, civil rights organizations protested demanding justice for McCrary

Mr. McCrary says his wife is okay physically but this will probably take a toll mentally.

“I want justice.  I want them to investigate this and do right by her.”

Mrs. McCrary has been charged with hindering police officers. She’s currently behind bars on a prostitution charge she got five days ago.