Huge trees topple onto homes following weekend storms

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Sunday's storms are being blamed for a huge tree coming down onto a family's home.

The tree sliced the home on Chamblee-Tucker Road in half Sunday night. The tree -- with its exposed root system -- is still there Monday morning.

Channel 2's Kristen Holloway at the scene learned that a couple were inside the house at the time, and a woman was hit in the head when the tree fell.

The couple were able to make it out of the home OK.


In Sandy Springs, neighbors said nobody was home when a tree crashed through a home along Timber Trail South.

"It was yesterday, I heard a lot of sirens in the neighborhood,” neighbor Anthony Naturman said. "That's actually kind of scary what's going on over there because the whole house is kind of buckled."

Neighbors told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik that the owner had been remodeling the home and tried to sell it at one point.

Naturman said the destruction hits very close to home for him and a situation he dealt with nearly a decade ago.

"A hardwood fell on another hardwood and the dog made a noise. I went to see why the dog was making a noise. It came down and took out my entire garage,” Naturman said.

High winds continued in the area Monday.

NewsChopper 2 flew over Riverside Drive at Interstate 285 to find power crews busy working on power lines after trees came down on them.

Naturman said what happened to him and his neighbors, happens frequently.

"It's scary, the trees we have in the neighborhood, you can hear limbs falling in the neighborhood," Naturman said.

Petchenik attempted to contact the owner of the home, but never heard back.