‘He loved (her) … until the moment she shot him,' prosecutors say

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — During revealing opening statements Tuesday, the state said a woman sent her ex-lover to his grave falsely labeled as a rapist.

Victoria Rickman admitted to shooting her former boyfriend, William James Carter Jr., in September 2013.

Rickman told police she shot Carter because he was trying to rape her at a home on Clifton Road in DeKalb County. Attorneys for the state said she shot him out of anger.

Carter had 10 gunshot wounds to the back, the victim's family attorney told Channel 2 Action News.

The jury heard Tuesday that Rickman and Carter had a toxic relationship. Prosecutors said it was worthy of an episode of "Jerry Springer."

The question for the jury is did Rickman shoot Carter 10 times because he sexually assaulted her or did she shoot Carter because he refused to drop battery charges against her?


The defense said Carter was abusive and did, in fact, rape Rickman. Prosecutors said she made up the rape charges, as she had before.

“He loved this woman,” said prosecutor Sheila Ross. “It will be clear William Carter Jr. loved Victoria Rickman up until the moment she shot him."

Prosecutors played an audio recording of Carter screaming at Rickman when she showed up at his house four months before the murder. He called her dangerous and he threatened to call police if she wouldn't leave.

The trial continues on Wednesday.