Georgia has made more than $1M from fireworks tax this year

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Fourth of July celebrations are helping fireworks sales grow into big business since they became legal in Georgia.

Channel 2’s Liz Artz caught up with the operator of Jake’s Fireworks in DeKalb County.

He says their business is up 50 percent this year and their average sale is $150 per customer.

"People were still under the impression for the most part (that) fireworks were illegal in Georgia. People driving by on 78 notice this store isn't just fountain sparklers like Walmart but the pretty shows in the air," said Brandon Western with Jake’s Fireworks.

Shawn Byron used to drive 170 miles to South Carolina to buy fireworks before they became legal in the state of Georgia in 2015.

“I usually do it for my birthday and the Fourth of July, those are the two main ones," he told Artz.

He wasn’t the only one Artz spoke with at the store off of Stone Mountain Parkway Monday.


Ashley Farina spent hundreds of dollars after her second trip back to the store.

“This is actually our second trip here. We spent a little more than expected but Fourth of July only comes once. It’s worth it,” Farina said.

Western says Jake’s Stone Mountain location is one of only two locations open all year long. The company has a total of nine stores in Georgia.

He says this year’s sales have nearly doubled from 2016.

A State Revenue Department spokesman told Artz that Georgia has made more than a million dollars so far this year in fireworks excise tax. That’s up more than $300,000 from all of 2016.

“You don't have the rushes that you would have during a typical season but you have people come in who want to have a good time. Birthday parties, weddings, graduations, people having fun with their friends. They love it," Western said.