Gas station shooting sends bystanders running for cover

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Chamblee police are investigating a shooting at a gas station that left two people injured and sent others running for their lives.

Police said two people were shot Tuesday night at the Mobil Food Mart on the corner of Savoy Drive and North Peachtree Road.

Police said two groups in an ongoing feud had a verbal altercation in front of the gas station, which resulted in gunfire. One bullet went through the front window of the Mobil station.

One man was shot twice and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. A second victim was taken to Gwinnett Medical center by his girlfriend. Both are expected to be OK.

Surveillance video shows several bystanders running for cover as shots were fired.


"It was just so sudden. It looked like they were going to get together and fight, then all of a sudden you hear gunshots and you can see people scattering," Chamblee police Capt. Ernesto Ford said.

Ford said the people in the video likely knew something was about the happen, but decided to stick around.

"We're asking the public, if you see anything unfold, get out of the area before shots are exchanged because it's clear something was about to go down and yet these folks were more concerned about getting a birds-eye view than leaving the scene for their own safety," he said.

Police are looking for at least one shooter and several persons of interest.