Drivers say they bought bad fuel from DeKalb gas station

Gas station says it will handle customers bills after selling bad fuel

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The state is investigating a DeKalb County gas station after customers complained they received bad fuel.

Channel 2's Matt Johnson learned that three people who bought gas on three different days last week from the Valero gas station in Decatur all ended up with dead cars and high mechanic bills.

The premium fuel had water in it, according to investigators after receiving two official complaint last week. The Department of Agriculture shut down premium and mid-grade pumps Monday afternoon.

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Channel 2 was there when a state inspector re-tested the gasoline.

The owner assured us now that the report is final, he will personally meet with every affected customer who are left with bills that are not cheap.


“It would start up, and then it would just die,” one customer said.

“My mechanic took a fuel sample and said, ‘Yeah you have a tank of bad gas,'” another customer stated.

The manager told us he is in talks with his supplier. He said the reports the supplier provided did not indicate that the fuel was contaminated.

“It’s not just one person, it's several people that are going through the woes of this,” a customer said.

One man brought a sample of his gas that showed dirt, and a mechanic report showing contamination. He said he paid $1,500, another woman paid $600 and another woman has a car in the shop.

The premium and mid-grade fuel will not be sold until new test results come in.