DeKalb County School District adjusts schedule for make up days due to Irma

DeKalb County School Bus

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The DeKalb County School District has adjusted its make-up schedule for the four days lost during Tropical Storm Irma.

School days will be extended by 20 minutes from Monday Oct. 2 to Tuesday, Oct. 31. Election Day on Nov. 7 will become an instructional day.

School district officials said they are now considering the most effective method to recover one or both of the remaining instructional days. The district will seek input from its principals, parent groups and community stakeholder grounds through Friday, Oct. 13.

Superintendent R. Stephen Green will make a final decision, to be announced on Oct. 16.

“Throughout this process, I have been continually working with our Board to distill our various options into the best solution for our students and families. We considered various input and thoughts from across the board. The identification of two make-up opportunities thus far is a good starting point,” Green said. “The final decision will be filtered through a collaborative process driven by one shared desire for both the Board and myself: to protect and recover instructional time, especially for those students most at risk.”