Cockroaches among reasons DeKalb McDonald's failed latest health inspection

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County health inspector says a McDonald’s in a busy Walmart failed its latest health inspection because it had cockroaches.

The McDonald’s is located inside the Walmart on Fairington Road in Lithonia.

During the inspection on Aug. 8, the DeKalb County health inspector reported seeing cockroaches near the main handwashing sink, a cooler and the employee table.

Customers used to grabbing a meal at the McDonald’s didn’t realize it had failed with a score of 65.

One customer told Channel 2's Carol Sbarge she thought the McDonald's having cockroaches was horrible.

Other violations included ice in an ice machine had black substance looking like mold, the ice machine was dirty with black buildup and some food items were not held cold enough.


Six months ago, the same McDonald’s got an 88 on that health inspection.

Sbarge went to the McDonald’s to ask about the violations. They told her the owner would get back to her.

In the meantime, the failing score is not sitting well with some customers.

Theresa Allen said she always checks scores and if a restaurant is below 95, she doesn’t eat there.

We’ll let you know how the fast food does on its re-inspection this month.