DeKalb County

17-year-old arrested at high school hours after police say he shot, killed man

CLARKSTON, Ga. — Police say a high school student killed a man Monday morning and then went to school as if nothing had happened.

Investigators told Channel 2's Tom Jones they arrested Ozell Craft, 17, at Tucker High School without incident after he allegedly shot and killed a man in a Clarkston apartment complex around 9:30 a.m.

"Peaceful. From what I understand, there was no situation at the school," Lt. Harry Hess, with the Clarkston Police Department, said.

Officers said they had to be extra careful getting the accused murderer into custody.

"They went ahead and isolated the suspect and secured him away from anybody else to reduce any risk at the school," Hess said.


Police said they were called to the Springdale Glen Apartments on Monday morning after receiving reports that someone had shot Marcus Sims Jr., 19, multiple times in the parking lot, killing him.

"Our criminal investigation division was able to identify the suspect," Hess said.

Officers said that's when they went to Tucker High School and arrested Craft.

Tenant Tasha Martin told Jones that she wasn't surprised to hear of the murder.

"It was next door to me," Martin said.

She told Jones a gunman shot someone next door to her recently.

"The boy didn't die. I think he was a 19-year-old. He didn't die," Martin said.

But Sims did die.

This is the fourth murder in Clarkston this year.

"I don't feel safe in this apartment complex," Martin told Jones. "Too much going on for me and my children."

Now, Martin is talking about moving.

Jail records show Craft has an open case for aggravated assault. He was arrested July 31 and released Aug. 20.

Police said they don't have a motive for the shooting but said Craft and Sims knew each other.