CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Men brutally beat customer inside gas station

Video captures violent beating at convenience store

CHAMBLEE, Ga. — A brutal attack inside a DeKalb County gas station packed with people was caught on tape and now two customers are facing charges.

Investigators told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes that incident started over racial comments.

What you don't see on the video, according to police, is the two suspects verbally attacking a man.

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That man left the store out of fear. But then another man standing in line spoke up and told the suspects they were wrong for what they did.

The video shows the suspects attack that man for speaking up.

“You can speak up for somebody but at the same time, don’t put yourself in no other person's matters. It’s just too dangerous today,” store customer Tony Jamal told Fernandes after she showed him the video.


Jamal said people are on edge and was not surprised to see a beating like the one that happened inside the Chamblee gas station.

“If it ain’t got nothing to do with you, you stay out the way,” Jamal said.

Police said the attack started with an argument Saturday evening. They said a white male was in the store and two suspects harassed him for being in the neighborhood, so the white male left out of fear.

That’s when a man standing in line spoke up and said the suspects were wrong for their racial comments.

The video shows suspect Antonyo Barnett shove the victim into the counter, then the other suspect, David Taylor, snatched his eye glasses off.

They both held the victim down, kicked him in the face, stomped his head and punched him more than 25 times.

No one stepped in to help.

“Where is everybody? Where’s the people working?” customer Danny Villafana asked after watching the video.

At one point it looked like Barnett was going to break up the fight, but instead he continued the beating.

Police arrested Barnett and Taylor at an apartment complex a short time later.

“I think it was fair they got arrested. They stupid for doing that in the first place,” Villafana said.

Police want to be clear no one is going to get away with assaulting customers the way the victim was assaulted in that video.

Each suspect in this case had a bond of more than $40,000 and they're both facing a several charges including aggravated assault.