• Mother says bullet flew through children's bedrooms

    By: Kristen Holloway


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A DeKalb County woman is terrified after a bullet came through her home and hit her children's bedrooms.

    Naila Morris called us after she said she heard the gunshots outside her Ellenwood home.

    Early Wednesday morning, Morris showed a Channel 2 Action News photographer where the bullet hit first -- just over her son's bed.

    “It went straight through this other wall on the other side of his room, right into his sister - his twin sister's - bedroom,” Morris said.

    Morris told Channel 2's Kristen Holloway she heard at least four shots just after midnight.

    "I knew he was still awake and so I jumped up, yelled his name and he said he was OK," she said.


    Morris told Holloway she thinks someone was driving down Panthersville Road and started shooting. Holloway found two shell casings on the ground. 

    Morris called DeKalb police twice, but she said an officer didn't show up until 2:30 a.m. Holloway asked police what caused the delayed response. She was told an officer was on the way but he was diverted because someone was threatening suicide with a knife. 

    DeKalb police said officers are assinged to terrorities, but an armed suicidal person is a priority call. After they handled that sitiuation, officers made their way to the Morris home.

    "It’s very disturbing to know that we are in a day and age where you can’t rest in your safe place," Morris said.

    As of early Wednesday morning, police were still working to collect evidence.

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