$9,000 worth of guns stolen from pawn shop

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Stolen guns are on the streets after a burglary in DeKalb County.

Surveillance video shows the young thieves running through Candler Road Pawn Shop early Monday.

Police said they got in the shop by breaking the lock on the gates, smashing the glass in the door and crawling inside.

"We are suspecting they probably cased the location prior to going in. That's a viable lead that we are following right now," DeKalb police Lt. Brian DeLoach said.


Police said one burglar jumped the counter to the back wall where the assault rifles were and another burglar smashed the glass case where the handguns were.

The burglars got away with $9,000 worth of guns, as well as some electronics.

"Anytime you have individuals with weapons that are not supposed to have them and possibly with criminal records themselves, we know nothing good is going to happen from having those in their hands," DeLoach said.

Police said there was a similar robbery at the shop earlier this year, but they do not think the cases are connected.