• 100+ people want to adopt newborn left in duffel bag outside clinic

    By: Liz Artz


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - More than 100 people have called police offering to adopt a baby who was found inside a duffel bag at a medical clinic.

    Chamblee police said a cleaning crew found the infant in a bag shortly after midnight Thursday outside the Family Medical Clinic on Buford Highway.

    Officer Beth Frye has unofficially named the child Samuel. She was the first officer on the scene after the newborn was discovered. Frye said she shares a special bond with him that no one else will.

    “I took him into the restroom and just kept him crying a little bit. If he was crying, I knew he was breathing,” she said.

    Frye said she has gone to visit the baby several times and he is doing well.

    “He’s going great. He’s finally eating, taking a pacifier. He’s doing really good, sleeping a lot,” she said. “He looks so good. He’s so cute.”

    The officer said hospital staff members are vetting all visitors who come to see the baby.

    They're worried about "somebody coming in and taking him,” Frye said.


    Chamblee police said they have received more than 100 calls and the department’s Facebook page is inundated with people wanting to adopt the child.

    “I can’t tell you how may posts I’ve seen on our Facebook page saying ‘I’ll take him. I’ll adopt him. Find a good home. We’ll take care of him,’” she said.

    Frye said she’ll continue to visit the newborn until the state puts him in the system.

    “He’ll go into foster care until a family can be vetted through the adoption process at which point he will be adopted to a home,” she said.

    Police have gone business to business pulling surveillance video and looking for images that might help them locate the person who dropped off the newborn.

    Police said they just want to talk to the baby’s mother and make sure she’s OK emotionally and physically.

    Doctors are calling the baby a “miracle child” after he survived 18 hours in a duffel bag with no care.

    “God has a purpose for this baby. I don’t know what it is, but I think he’s going to do great things,” Frye said. 

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