Nearly 100 cars broken into at the same metro Atlanta mall in 1 night

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Nearly 100 cars were broken into at Stonecrest Mall Friday night, officials say.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes spoke with a nail technician contractor who works at a beauty salon in the mall, who didn't want to be identified. She said there are no security cameras around the mall and thieves know it.

"I was told there were cameras around here but there was never any cameras around here so that means our safety is In jeopardy," she said.

She's concerned that with the holidays right around the corner, more people could be in danger.


She was there Friday when dozens of cars were broken into -- including hers. She gave Fernandes a photo that shows her busted window. She says someone rummaged through her car and stole everything in sight.

"I was actually with a client and an officer from over here at the precinct came to me and was like 'Ma'am, please don’t tell me the Chevy Impala is yours,'" she said.

She noticed her car wasn't the only one that was burglarized. Police told her nearly 100 cars had been broken into.

The victims were a mix of mall employees and customers. She says police told her they spotted three suspects who were probably part of a crew robbing vehicles. Police chased them but the suspects ran into the woods.

The salon employee is demanding more security -- and more cameras.

"It's going to hurt us if customers feel unsafe coming over here parking their vehicles," she said. "So you know, we can lose."

Fernandes tried talking with security but couldn't get any answers about cameras.