• DeKalb County wing restaurant fails health inspection


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - UPDATE: This is Wings has been re-inspected on August 4, and was awarded a score of 87.


    A popular wings restaurant in south DeKalb County failed its health inspection, in part, for not having a person in charge.

    This is Wings on Candler Road had a high score of 95 when it was last inspected in February, but this month it dropped more than 40 points to a 53.

    Customer Serena Cook says she is a regular at the restaurant and the failing inspection on July 23 is not something she expected.

    “I ate the chicken wings. I'm going to cry,” Cook said as she walked out of the restaurant.

    When Channel 2’s Carol Sbarge went inside the restaurant, there was no inspection score posted. In fact, one worker told Sbarge she didn't know they failed until she showed her the 53.

    Violations included large bin of raw chicken wings stored with cooked wings, employee washing hands without soap, flies in the restaurant and when the inspector got there an employee said no one was in charge.

    An online review noticed the same problem. A customer who ate at the restaurant complained that there never seemed to be a manager around.

    When Sbarge went to the restaurant, the owner wasn't there.

    Sbarge was told the owner would call, but has not heard back.

    In online reviews customers praised the flavor of the wings and the portions, but customers at the restaurant were not happy to learn about the recent failing inspection.

    This is Wings will be reinspected within 10 days of that failing inspection. We'll let you know the new score.

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