• DeKalb County crews working to repair potholes


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga - After recent winter storms and a wet spring, roads in metro Atlanta have taken a beating.

    In the middle of what they’re calling “pothole-palooza,” crews in DeKalb County are filling in a number of potholes that were left after the storms.

    Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach was in DeKalb County where he said crews filled more than 1,000 potholes in April and they’re hoping to repeat that number in May.

    The county told Channel 2 Action News they just don’t have the money or manpower to resurface all the streets that need it all at once.

    Homeowner Linda Hitchrick acknowledges the county’s efforts, but feels that it isn’t really helping.  

    “They do a lot of patching, but it's not doing any good because what they're patching with is coming right back up. (The) hole is getting bigger," Hitchrick said.

    But DeKalb County spokesman Burke Brennan feels that what they’re doing is helpful and that it provides a stress reliever as commuters are traveling.

    "We can do some immediate fixes on some of the worst areas that tear up the cars and make (the) drive to work and school in the morning painful and we can help a lot of people rapidly by filling the worst spots," Brennan said.

    Channel 2 Action News checked with other metro area counties and Cobb County said they’re been very aggressive in resurfacing so that even after this winter, they don’t have a spike in the number of potholes.

    In Henry County, crews said they will go out and check the worst areas, but they do rely on drivers to call in with complaints.

    In DeKalb County, if you call to report a pothole they said they can usually respond to a call in three-to-four days.

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