• DeKalb bans smoking in public parks, playgrounds


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - DeKalb County has added itself to the growing list of places limiting where people can smoke.

    On Tuesday, the county commission approved a plan to ban smoking at playgrounds, parks and public service lines such as lines for ATMs.

    DeKalb Health Department officials think smoking in public parks is a hazard.

    Last year, supporters and opponents fought for months on whether to expand the ban to bars and night clubs, but that never happened.

    Residents are divided on the issue.

    “It doesn’t make sense to me to curtail someone’s freedom because someone is feeling kind of righteous about it that don’t smoke (sic),”  Wayne Jackson said. “What difference does it make if a person is smoking a cigarette? There are carcinogens in the air from all kind of different  sources.”

    “Hopefully, everybody can quit smoking because it’s bad for their health. Ive lost  a lot of relatives to cancer, so I prefer no smoking,” another resident said.

    “Where else can you smoke. Are they going to have a place for us to go smoke a cigarette?” Malcolm Knox said.

    Some commissioners said they may revisit the issue of banning smoking in bars and restaurants.

    The current smoking ban goes into effect on Wednesday.

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