• Deer charges through store's glass door, injures 11-year-old


    DACULA, Ga.,None - A deer crashed through the glass door of a convenience store on Sunday, hitting a young girl.

    Eleven-year-old Samantha Irons and her younger brother, Sebastian, were leaving the BP convenience store on Harbins Road in Dacula Sunday afternoon when the deer charged through the door and into Samantha.

    “Sebastian sees a deer out of the corner of his eye,” Samantha said.

    “So, I just ran to the other door, and I didn’t feel her coming, so I was like, ‘Watch out,’” Sebastian said.

    “I see glass everywhere, then I realize that I’m on the ground, but at that time, I didn’t realize what hit me. It felt like a car,” Samantha said.

    The scene quickly turned into pandemonium.

    “And all of a sudden, just this big boom, and then this little girl just starts screaming,” store worker Amanda Easterling said. “People are running back behind the counter with me. The little girl is covered in blood, so I call 911. Turns out, it was the deer’s blood, not hers.”

    Samantha’s father, who was outside the convenience store, came running in. He said at first, he thought a car had barreled through the door, but soon, he saw it was a deer that had injured his daughter.

    Once authorities determined that Samantha was not seriously injured, everyone was removed from the store so the injured deer could be put down.

    Samantha suffered a slight concussion, a large bruise on her thigh and some cuts. She and her family are thankful, knowing it could have been worse.


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