Dedicated Yellow Jackets fan attends his 75th consecutive Tech-UGA game

Dedicated Yellow Jackets fan attends his 75th consecutive Tech-UGA game

Joe Anderson knows where he is supposed to be on the last Saturday in November every single year.

Anderson, who turned 91 earlier this year, has attended every Georgia Tech-Georgia game for 75 years. He marked the special occasion this weekend.

Channel 2's Van Earl Wright met up with Anderson and his family outside Bobby Dodd Stadium before the game.

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"It's not easy. There have been good moments and there have been a few bad moments. But I've enjoyed all of them," he said.

Anderson started attending games as a freshman in 1945, the same year legendary coach Bobby Dodd began at the university. But he actually went to his first game in 1942 when he was 16 years old.

The 91-year-old never set out to accomplish this streak, but it has impressed his fellow fans.

"I just came to games because that's what I wanted to be doing on Saturday. Over the years, about 25 years or so, someone said 'Man you've been to all these games.' And that's when I really started thinking about it."

Anderson said there were a few close calls that could have ended his streak.

He worked for an Australian company, which meant he had to travel sometimes. But he always made sure to check his football schedule first.

"I always arranged a meeting, so I could get back to the football game," he said.

With 75 years of memories, that could make it hard to keep count of all the games. But a few stick out to Anderson.

"The game just a couple of years ago when our field goal kicker kicked that field goal. I'm sure that made a lot of Georgia fans down in the dumps."

While Georgia Tech ended up losing this year, Anderson is glad that he doesn't miss any games.

"We're going to show up. You can't win if you don't show up."