• Residents: Fundraiser profits will fund lawyers to stop Walmart

    By: Ashley Swann


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A grassroots organization working to keep Walmart out of Decatur held a benefit concert Saturday night.

    So far, Good Growth DeKalb's efforts have included monthly rallies at the six-way intersection where the Walmart is planned, a door-to-door education campaign, yard signs and a petition with some 3,000 signatures. Now they're using events like Saturday's "Rock to Stop Walmart" benefit concert and silent auction to raise money to fund a legal team to spearhead their fight.

    "We think there is a possibility we can move forward on a legitimate cause," Betty Blondeau told Channel 2's Ashley Swann.

    Blondeau says they support local, small and mid-sized businesses in the Surburban Shopping Plaza, not Walmart, which they believe will damage the community and lower property values.

    "It's about good growth. It's not about a Walmart with their low wages and their cheap goods and the damage they do to local businesses," said Blondeau.

    The group is also reaching out to other communities singing the same tune against big business.

    "We think there's strength in numbers, so we would love to work with any of those groups that have the same mission that we do," said Blondeau.

    They hoped to raise between $5,000 and $10,000 at Saturday's event.

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