Day 3 of Tara Grinstead Trial: Confession tape played in court

Bo Dukes is accused of helping hide the body of the South Georgia beauty queen after authorities said his friend Ryan Duke killed her.

WILCOX COUNTY, Ga. — A videotape confession was played for the court on the third day of the trial against a man accused in connection with the murder of Tara Grinstead.

The prosecution played the tape of Bo Dukes in court Wednesday.

“I remember asking him several times ‘Why?’ and he would never tell me," Dukes said in the tape.

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For more than an hour in February 2017, Dukes sat with a GBI agent apparently confessing to his involvement with Grinstead’s murder because he was "tired of living like this."

Dukes is accused of helping hide the body of the South Georgia beauty queen after authorities said his friend Ryan Duke killed her.

"I asked him exactly what happened, and he told me later that night after everyone was gone, he drove through Fitzgerald and he drove to her house and it was late, he used a credit card to get through the front door. And he strangled her right there, and he moved her body with the truck,” Dukes said in the videotaped confession.

Duke says he then helped Ryan Duke move and burn Grinstead’s body in a pecan orchard a few miles from town.

A GBI agent showed the jury pictures of Bo Dukes walking agents to the spot of the fire. The next day, agents took Ryan Duke to the same area.

Paul Bowden, the top prosecutor handling the murder trial for Ryan Duke, took the stand Wednesday.

The defense for Dukes argued that Dukes had a deal in place with Bowden before he told investigators where Grinstead's body was.

"It was then you explained that if that occurred, you were in a position to help," Dukes' attorney said.

"Yes," Bowden responded.

The prosecution appears to be bringing its case to a close. It is unknown how many or if any witnesses Dukes' attorney will call to the stand.

Day 2: Friend, family of Bo Dukes take stand

In court Tuesday, John McCullough, who went to basic training with Dukes, testified that he heard about what Dukes did with Grinstead's body.

McCullough testified that he reported to police multiple times that Dukes told him he was involved in hiding Grinstead's body. McCullough took the stand for a long time, wiping away tears at times.

He told the court he visited Dukes in 2006 during Christmas and drove the same truck that Dukes allegedly used to transport Grinstead's body.


“He brought it up and said, you remember that billboard you had seen, I was like, ‘Yeah,’ and he was like, ‘I know what happened,’" McCullough said.

Day 1: Jury seated, testimony begins

During Monday's testimony, Dukes' former girlfriend's mother said that she heard him talk openly about Grinstead's killing.

“Had he helped dispose of Tara’s body? Why didn't he tell people and he said ‘yes.’ Why didn't he tell people? And he said he had told people over the years, but not law enforcement,” Kimalyn Sheridan said.

Sheridan said she would like to forget the day Dukes told her what he did.

“It was so hard for me to fathom the whole thing anyway. It was like living in a surreal bubble,” Sheridan said.