• Dana Evans


    VERDICT: RICO: GUILTY, False statements: GUILTY

    SENTENCE: Five years to serve one, four years probation, 1,000 hours of community service and sentenced as a first offender

    Dana Evans, the former principal of Dobbs Elementary, was one of the few APS employees to accept responsibility for cheating that occurred in her school.

    Evans claims the charges against her are not true.

    “You’re rolling the dice on 40 years?” Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne asked Evans during an interview in March.

    “I’m rolling the dice on truth,” she responded. “I felt when this first happened like there was no reason to live and then I just prayed about it.”

    Evans was charged with racketeering and four counts of making false statements and writings in the APS cheating case. She denied it all in an exclusive interview with Winne.

    “I couldn’t live with myself if I lied,” Evans said. “Yes I’m afraid of the outcome… but I would never, could never, do anything to hurt the very group that I worked to save.”

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