• Dad fears school compromised daughter's identity

    By: Diana Davis


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A Gwinnett County family said their last name, Smith, has caused them repeated problems that could cause identity theft.

    The family said Suwanee's Collins Hill High School has repeatedly mailed personal information, including Social Security numbers to the wrong homes.

    Channel 2's Diana Davis spent the day looking for answers from Gwinnett County Schools.

    What's in a name? For Doug Smith and his two daughters, Rebecca and Meghan, their last name, Smith, has caused six years of problems.

    The latest was when Collins Hill High mailed out student applications for graduation forms.

    The problem? Smith's daughter Meghan, that's Meghan with an "h," got the form for another student, Megan Smith without an "h."

    "My wife and I were looking over it and noticed it wasn't our child." Doug Smith said.

    The form was full of personal information, including her Social Security number, date of birth, height and weight, home address and phone number.

    Smith said his wife called the family of the other Megan Smith, who got the same personal information about Meghan with an "h." In the age of identity theft, Doug Smith told Davis he's steamed.

    "Suppose I wasn't honest? There's a lot of stuff you can do with that information and I know they are minors but that Social Security number stays with you for the rest of your life."

    He said Smith said the same thing happened to his older daughter, Rebecca, when she was in school. She was one of two Rebecca Smiths enrolled six years ago. Like her younger sister, she got report cards with personal information for the other Rebecca Smith.

    "My wife kinda chewed her out because it was a bad grade. My daughter was kind of upset and got on the bus and left, then my wife realized that it wasn't our daughter," Smith said.

    Smith told Davis he has repeatedly complained to the school over the years. He said this latest incident is the last straw.

    "The whole point of me contacting you guys was just so the school would fix it. I mean this is an issue and they don't seem to care," Smith said.

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    Dad fears school compromised daughter's identity