• DA investigates police handling of alleged rape


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The DeKalb County District Attorney's Office is launching an investigation into the way a DeKalb County Police Officer and a Solicitor-General office employee handled a rape investigation.

    The DeKalb police confirm Sgt. Eric Adkison is on desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

    Channel 2 Action News has learned Adkison and the solicitor-general office employee are not accused of rape, but the DA is seeking more details about what they know about the incident.

    Channel 2's Erica Byfield spoke to the woman who says she was raped. The woman told Byfield she met both men at a hearing about her rape at the Front Runnerz motorcycle club.

    "I was under the impression they were going to help me," she said.

    The woman alleges she was raped and drugged after attending a party at Front Runnerz. She told Byfield about a month after the party the president of the motorcycle club, Eric Adkison, visited her at work.

    "He told me when he came to meet me that they like to handle it in house, so they were going to take care of it," she said.

    The woman says the next time she met Adkison it was at a rape hearing at Front Runnerz.

    "It was like an "L" shape table, you have the president and the vice president and you have them all lined up," she said as she described the room.

    She told Byfield she testified in front of seven or eight club officers and after she finished they brought in the alleged rapist. She says ultimately, the group voted to kick the alleged rapist out of the club.

    "I went along with it because these people were helping me. They were going to pay for my therapy. They were going to be behind me regardless if I press charges or not they said we are going to be behind you," she said.

    Byfield reached out to Adkison, but he declined an interview.

    The woman also told Byfield said while at the hearing, she told the group

    The man who raped her was still trying to contact her, and then someone said he'd help her get a restraining order at the courthouse.

    She said the man, who turned out to be a solicitor's employee, gave him her card with his cellphone number on the back. A few days later, she said he helped her fill out the paperwork and asked her not to mention the alleged rape to the motorcycle club.

    "And I'm telling him it does not make any sense for them to just give me this because of the text messages and stalking, and he said, 'They are going to give it to you, just focus on that, don't talk about the drinks and the sex and all of that,' so that is why I did," she said.

    That day, a judge issued a temporary restraining order, and weeks later, she told another judge the whole story.

    "The judge turned to me, and she said my name and she said, 'You have been a victim of a date rape, and you weren't even on a date,'" she said, noting that she filed a police report the next day.

    Regarding the alleged incident, a Solicitor-General Office spokesperson sent a statement saying, "We take seriously any allegation regarding the conduct of our employees. We are aware of the matter and have attempted to gather information."

    The statement also mentioned the employee in the Solicitor-General's Office is now on paid administrative leave.


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