Thieves smash through CVS front door in failed burglary

ATLANTA — Thieves smashed through the front door of an Atlanta CVS in a burglary attempt.

Police say around 5 a.m., someone drove a white van through the front of the store on Bolton Road in northwest Atlanta.

Investigators believe they were going for the ATM. They damaged it but didn't get to the money.

Channel 2's Tyisha Fernandes at the scene and tweeted a photo showing the entire front door was damaged.


Customers who didn’t know about the smash-and-grab were shocked at the damage.

“I come here all the time and I’ve never seen anything like this before; this is just unbelievable,” one customer said.

Customer Chris Powell told Fernandes he thinks it’s sad that people won’t just work for what they want, instead doing things like this, and he’s afraid of what those thieves will do next.

"It happened at a store but there’s a lot of homes around here, you know what I mean?" Powell said.

Channel 2 Action News saw police collecting evidence and talking to the store manager.

Fernandes spoke to CVS officials, but they wouldn’t comment on what happened.

Police are still trying to identify the suspects.

"I hope they catch the guys with some sort of surveillance," Powell said.

Police are working to figure out who did this and right now, they don’t believe the van was stolen.