• Customers say long waits continue at drivers services

    By: Dave Huddleston


    ATLANTA - It's been about a month since the Georgia Department of Driver Services implemented sweeping changes to renew or require a license in the state of Georgia.

    Immediately after the changes, customers experienced long lines that lasted hours, only to be told by customer representatives they had to come back with more documentation to prove they were who they said they were.

    On Aug. 1, Channel 2 went back to check and saw a lot of people waiting in line.

    Mark Aghedo, of Atlanta, tried to renew his license but was told to come back with the right documents.

    "I waited for an hour and a half and this is my third trip here. I have to go home and come back with even more proof. This is ridiculous," Aghedo said.

    DDS spokesperson Susan Sports said they have heard the complaints and have implemented changes.

    "We have more customer representatives working at the busiest centers and we are also trying to get the message to customers before they come. We are mailing out postcards 60 days ahead of a renewal to let people know the documents they need in order to renew or obtain a Georgia license," Sports said.

    She added that the documentation changes are part of a national law that Georgia is now falling in line with.

    Atlanta resident Doris Glen came with several documents.

    "My birth certificate, Social Security card, two utility letters that are not older than 60 days," she said.

    She hopes her wait time isn't too long. Meanwhile, Sports said, if you have all the right documents, the wait time has dropped considerably.

    "I only had to wait 40 minutes," said Glen. "You see the pictures on TV and think it's going to be worse than it actually is."

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