Crews repairing I-85 bridge want to make sure your drive is better

ATLANTA — While crews are busy working to repair the Interstate 85 bridge they’re also working to make your drive a smoother one.

Crews are working to resurface four southbound lanes within the I-85 bridge project. They will then work further south and lane closures will be extended beyond SR-13/Buford Connector for milling and paving.

Tuesday, crews finished re-paving stretch from the Piedmont Road closure to the Brookwood split.


The resurfacing of I-85 was planned before the fire and collapse, but GDOT decided to get a jump on the work while the interstate was closed.

The goal is to do as much as possible during the closure, to limit any future lane closures and GDOT said they can get that work done even with the interstate opening in just a few weeks.

"So we're going to deliver what we thought we would by the time this is over and that is as much of the resurfacing work, within the rebuilt closure as possible being done,” said GDOT’s Marc Mastronardi. “Looks like we will accomplish that full closure worth of work."

But the I-85 resurfacing will extend all the way to Clairmont Road and will last beyond the re-opening of I-85. That means more lane closures are still to come over the summer.

The resurfacing head start for GDOT will allow for future re-paving to take place overnight and some on the weekends to limit the amount of traffic impact to commuters.

Georgia Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to plan ahead, seek alternative commuting options, allow plenty of time, be patient and always drive alert and keep calm behind the wheel.