• Deputies: Neighbors attack truck driver who allegedly sped, flipped them off

    By: Audrey Washington


    COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - Many of us have been frustrated by speeding drivers in our neighborhoods, but this story takes it to another level.

    Deputies said two neighbors attacked a charity truck driver -- and it all allegedly started after someone gave someone the finger.

    “The best way to describe this was a road rage incident,” said Maj. Mark Fenninger, with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

    Pictures from deputy bodycam video show the moments following a wild confrontation that ended with a windshield smashed and two neighbors, David Reagan and Parag Vilas Chitnis charged with assault.

    Deputies say it all started when Reagan accused the driver for an anti-domestic abuse charity organization of speeding down Timbercreek Estates Drive on Friday.

    “They claim he hung them a bird as they were hollering at him as he came through the subdivision and as he was leaving the subdivision they still felt like he was speeding,” Fenninger said.


    According to the incident report, Reagan stood in the middle of the road and waved a sledgehammer around.

    The charity driver told deputies Reagan then struck the windshield of the truck with the sledgehammer, while Chitnis punched the windshield several times.

    “They took it among themselves to try to stop the vehicle and block him in,” Fenninger said.

    Deputies said a large group of people nearby, two armed with guns, then circled the truck.

    One neighbor blocked the driver from getting away in his black pickup.

    “It was obvious looking at the damage done and by speaking with the people that there was a lot of rage in this,” Fenninger said.

    Deputies helped the charity driver leave safely.
    As for Reagan, a local pilot, and Chitnis, an engineer, they now face some serious charges.

    “(They) tried to assault him, assault his vehicle. We went with simple battery but those charges could change later,” Fenninger said.

    Deputies said the two neighbors with guns never pointed them at the driver.

    We went to the homes of the two men charged and the man who used his truck to block the driver. No one came to the door.

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