Coweta County

Busy McDonald's fails health inspection

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — The restaurant has since been re-inspected and got an 85.

A busy fast food restaurant in Coweta County recently dropped from a near-perfect inspection score to a failing one.

The McDonald’s just off I-85 on Highway 29 had violations that included bugs throughout the restaurant.

On July 20, a health inspector found flies throughout the fast food restaurant and many small roaches in the office area, according to the report.

Customer Holly Apple expressed her surprise to Channel 2's Carol Sbarge.

Apple said that would be a tough condition to work in, much less eat in.


Another customer, Callie Dorsey, says she had noticed a lot of flies in the restaurant.

The Coweta County health inspector gave the McDonald’s a score of 58.

In addition to the bugs, the inspector noted there was pink mold in the kitchen ice maker.

The violations also included fish, crispy chicken and burgers not kept hot enough, as well as dried buildup inside the microwaves.

When customers walked into the restaurant Monday, they didn’t see the current failing score.

The McDonald’s still had the old score of 98 from a January inspection posted.

Dorsey says it bothers her that the current score is not posted.

Sbarge went to that Newnan McDonald’s to find out why the current score wasn’t posted and what is being done to correct the violations.

She called the owner, who wasn’t there, and is still waiting for a statement.

We’ll let you know how the restaurant does on a re-inspection, which will be done in the next week or so.