• 'It's like living in hell': Parents say elementary school is infested with lice

    By: Justin Wilfon


    COWETA COUNTY, Ga. - Some parents of children at a metro elementary school believe the school is infested with lice.

    “Awful. It’s like living in hell,” parent Maggie Kingston said.

    Kingston and parent Maddie Hames told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon their children have gotten lice repeatedly at Glanton Elementary School over the past several months.  

    Kingston showed Wilfon a picture of what she said are lice and eggs on her daughter’s comb.

    “They need to think of the emotional strain that it can have on you and your family members," Hames said.

    The parents said the school has done little to fight what they believe is a widespread problem.

    "They don’t take it seriously because it doesn’t pass diseases. It doesn’t make them sick. So it’s brushed under the rug,” Hames said.


    Kingston said she tried all the treatments to help her daughter.

    ​“Lice clinics, prescriptions, home remedies, everything,” Kingston said.

    Wilfon reached out to Coweta County Schools. A spokesperson said the district does not allow students to return to school until lice are no longer visible and that classroom checks are conducted twice a year.

    The district does not believe the problem is widespread.

    The women disagree and said the proof is on their daughters’ heads -- yet again.

    “It is, it’s gross,” Kingston said.

    The women would like to see more regular checks for lice at the elementary school.

    They also would like to see the school send home a note to parents, informing them of the lice cases.

    [To read the full statement from Glanton Elementary School regarding the lice, click here]

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