Group shoplifts, points gun at Walmart manager, police say

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. — Police need your help in identifying a shoplifting suspect who they say pulled a gun on a Walmart manager.

Walmart employees ducked for cover in the parking lot of the store in Conyers early Sunday morning after a shoplifter pointed a gun and took off in his car.

Channel 2's Kristen Holloway obtained surveillance video of the three people for whom police are searching.

Police said a man and two women spent nearly an hour and a half stealing items inside the store.

"They selected various merchandise -- everything from household items and food items and electronics," said Sgt. Buck Vaughn, with the Conyers Police Department.


In the video, police said you can see the man walking around the store with many items in his cart but, at the checkout, he only has three or four.

He almost got away with it but, police said, employees caught on to his game.

"They followed him into the parking lot, trying to confront him about the theft. He responded by running to his car, producing a handgun, even racking the sliding chamber around and pointing the gun in order to escape," Vaughn said.

All three left in a dark, four-door car.

Holloway learned this isn’t the first time this man stole from this Walmart. Police said he got away with several items last week.

Shoppers hope he’s caught soon.

"It just makes you be more cautious about your surroundings," said Bernice Jones.

Police said that once arrested the man could face felony shoplifting and aggravated assault charges. More charges could also come.