• Convenience store worker fired after shooting at robber

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. - A store clerk said he fired his gun fighting off an armed robber, and it cost him his job.

    "So I felt like my life was in imminent danger, like he was fixing to shoot me, because he said he would,” Johnny Jarriel told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

    Jarriel thought his life was on the line Saturday morning when a gunman stormed into his Douglasville Circle K, on West Stewart Mill Road in Douglasville.

    Jarriel, an assistant manager, was in an office doing paperwork. Douglas County investigators showed Kavanaugh surveillance video showing the robber pepper-spray Jarriel, then slam him on the ground. Moments later, the robber has a silver gun pointed at his head.

    "It was so close, he couldn't miss,” Jarriel said.

    That's when Jarriel pulled his own gun.

    "I shot at him three times, but my eyes was blurried because all I could see of him was the outline because of the pepper spray,” he said. "Basically, it was do or die."

    Police said all three shots missed. But, Jarriel did chase the robber away.

    Jarriel said Circle K immediately placed him on suspension while the company investigated. Thursday, he was fired.

    "She said I was fired for violation of company policy of carrying a weapon on company premise, a violation of policy," Jarriel said.

    Jarriel provided the separation letter citing the no-weapons policy, which he admits he violated for two years.

    When asked why he openly violated the policy, Jarriel said, “Because I feel my life is more valuable than that job.”

    Jarriel claimed his bosses knew he carried the gun and never had a problem with it until he needed to use it.

     "I feel I was let down by the company," Jarriel said.

    Kavanaugh called and emailed Circle K about its policy and decision to fire Jarriel and is waiting on its reply.

    Jarriel is getting a lot of reaction from his neighbors and total strangers in the community. Some are even considering a store boycott.

    The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said it is actively investigating the robbery and following up on leads. Investigators said they have no plans to charge Jarriel.

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