• County error mistakenly suspends thousands of driver's licenses

    By: Wendy Halloran


    SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. - Officials in Spalding County say they're working to fix a problem that's caused a headache for many drivers.

    Officials said an internal user error duplicated tickets on driver records, mistakenly suspending the licenses of thousands of drivers.

    Spalding County State Court admitted it had an internal error when it switched to electronically sending traffic citation dispositions to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

    Judge Josh W. Thacker released a statement saying traffic citations that were resolved were resubmitted.

    Channel 2’s Wendy Halloran spoke to one man who said he got a letter saying his license was suspended because of a 14-year-old ticket.


    "It's scary how a little computer glitch like that can really throw everybody in a whole mess of trouble," Chasen Wright said.

    Wright got a ticket when he was 17 years old. He went to court back then and paid his fine.

    "I got a receipt in fact," Wright said.

    This week he received the letter saying his license was suspended for six months.

    "I was scared, really scared, yeah," he said.

    He says he got the runaround and is still waiting for it to be corrected.

    In the meantime, he's concerned about the consequences if he's pulled over by police.

    "The computer says one thing and the cops kind of gotta go by it. It's scary," he said. "It was a mishap, but it's a serious mishap."

    Georgia Department of Driver Services sent the following statement: 

    “The Department of Driver Services (DDS) immediately engaged our Legal, Information Technology and Georgia Electronic Conviction Processing System (GECPS) teams to investigate the issue. DDS continues to worked in tandem with the State Court of Spalding County to correct the driver records that were affected.”

    Thacker says they can now report that the majority of the mistakenly suspended licenses have been identified and the suspensions have been removed.

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