• Commission recommends revoking APS teacher's license, suspending others


    ATLANTA,None - The Georgia Professional Standards Commission has sanctioned five Atlanta Public School teachers involved in the district’s test cheating scandal.

    Channel 2’s Tom Regan attended the Thursday meeting in downtown Atlanta, where the commission voted on the decision. Officials declined to name the teachers or specifically what they are accused of, but four teachers were given a two-year suspension and one teacher will lose a teaching license. The latter teacher also worked as a test coordinator.

    Only one of the five educators is still with the district, but APS spokesman Keith Bromery said the license issue can affect whether they can teach elsewhere in Georgia.

    About 100 APS employees are on administrative leave with pay while CRCT cheating allegations are sorted out. Kelly Henson, the commission’s chief executive, told Regan the allegations involve “erasing answers and putting in correct answers. It involves voice inflections. It involves providing questions to students prior to the test.”

    The accused teachers have 30 days to appeal the sanctions.

    The commission is addressing the cases as they're cleared by the Fulton County district attorney. The District Attorney had been investigating the five teachers but decided not to take action against them.


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    Commission recommends revoking APS teacher's license, suspending others