• Cobb teen charged over social media threats


    MABLETON, Ga. - A Cobb County teen is facing felony charges over threats made over social media.

    Pebblebrook High School student Princeton Futch was arrested at the school earlier this week. Police believe he used the photo app Instagram in a rant about shooting someone at the school.

    An arrest warrant said other students saw Futch's Instagram post saying, “his school would be on the news Monday  …  He was going to bring a gun to school on Monday to shoot someone.”

    Student Karen Adan told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt she saw the arrest but just learned of the accusations.

    “A little comment can become something big, and who knows why he put (that.) Maybe he was mad and caused something big that shouldn't have been,” she told Cavitt.

    The warrant said school officials had to take special security precautions until Futch's arrest.

    Detectives said social media chaos is becoming all too familiar to them. Marietta Police Detective Mark Erion deals with crimes against children and finds many of the crimes involve social media or cellphones.

    “I wish parents were more involved,” he said. “We see some of the manuscripts of the dialogues these kids have with online predators and so forth, and it’s scary. If parents could read some of this stuff, they'd say, 'My kid was doing that?'”

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