• Cobb man charged with domestic terrorism granted bond

    By: Ross Cavitt


    MARIETTA, Ga. - The Cobb County man in jail for charges of domestic terrorism may soon get out of jail.

    After an international search, police arrested Bradley Clark last year, saying he had a cache of weapons and made threats about killing a lot of people.

    Under Georgia law, if you're not indicted within 90 days of your arrest, you're entitled to a bond.

    After Clark's arrest on a threats charge last September, police found bizarre social media postings where Clark devoted himself to advocating the total destruction of the human race, with posts like, "We all deserve to die," and "People should just die."

    Those posts, combined with what police found in his apartment, including guns, a gas mask and articles about assassinations, prompted federal interest in Clark and the unusual domestic terrorist arrest.

    Clark's attorneys said the case against the videographer is overblown.

    "Brad's situation is unique and these other situations you have people who have harmed other individuals. Brad hasn't done anything of the such," attorney W. Thomas Kemp said.

    He told the judge Clark would live with his parents, who don't possess any firearms, and stay in the country while awaiting his trial.

    Judge Frank Cox has but no choice by law to give Clark a bond, which he did.

    His lawyers said this will become a case of freedom of speech.

    "What it comes down to is a situation where you need to balance someone's freedom of ability to express themselves. In this case, Mr. Clark used a computer and wrote some statements. That's all he's done, he hasn't taken any actions other than that. He's innocent of the charges and we expect that the court will find that in the end," attorney Douglas Chanco said.

    Clark was granted a $45,000 bond. Clark could get out of jail as early as this weekend.


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