Woman says man grabbed her by the neck, attacked her at popular park

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A woman says a man attacked her at a popular Cobb County park.

While she was able to get away, she told Channel 2's Sophia Choi what happened.

The attacked happened Monday on a trail at Fullers Park. She wants to remain anonymous but reached out to Channel 2 so that others can watch out for the man she captured on camera.

"He grabbed me by the neck and tried to kiss me, and I used the knuckles back of my hand before running back to the car," she said.


Cobb police said the attack is rare because Fullers Park is usually full of potential witnesses.

"Even though some parts are secluded, we have a lot of people who do go to these parks. And with that, a lot of times people who are attempting to do something they're not going to want an audience," said A.J. Penirelli with Cobb County police.

The woman tells us she wants the man to be found immediately.

"I'm just hoping nothing happened, because he was kind of looking at kids in a certain way," she said.

Police tried to find the man by searching trails that connect Fullers Park and East Cobb Park but he got away.

"This happened in the middle of the day at a busy park. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," the woman said.

The woman said this is the only park she visits but after the incident she's too uneasy to go back.