Woman says librarians know who hit her car but can't tell her

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A woman says a driver hit her car outside a library, and the people who could help identify him can't give her any information.

Mary Cochran said a man hit her car at the West Cobb Library in Kennesaw. She said the crash tore off her front bumper and damaged her headlights, costing her $3,000.

“I mean, weeks have gone by. This guy’s truck could have been fixed. Who knows where he is,” she said.

Cochran thought she could get help finding him because he checked out a book after the crash.

“(I thought) 'Oh great, we have his name.' But to my disbelief, they would not give me his name saying there was a Georgia law that prevents them from giving out a name of anyone who checks out a book," she said.

State privacy law says, “Circulation and similar records of a library which identify the user of library materials shall not be public records but shall be confidential and may not be disclosed."

Attorney Scott Semrau said the 31-year-old statute keeps the names of users of library materials strictly confidential.

"Librarians can't give out any information given to them as a result of someone wanting to check out a book. If they got the guy's name by him wanting to check out a book, they can't reveal that information," he said.

Semrau said Cochran would have to get a subpoena to get the information.

Cochran said she doesn't believe the law should protect criminals.

"I would say, 'Come on in and hit every car in the parking lot. Mine won't be there, but I guess you've got every librarian on your side in the state of Georgia,'" she said.