• Woman records man pulling gun during road rage incident

    By: Carl Willis


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A Cobb County couple said they're the victims of road rage after a man pointed a gun in their face.

    A camera phone was the only thing that stopped the threat, according to Elizabeth Ewing.

    Channel 2’s Carl Willis spoke with Ewing over the phone because she's out of the country.

    "It's hard to imagine even going back home,” Ewing told Willis. "I should feel safe in my home, especially in my own driveway."

    She said she was backing out of her driveway on Whitehaven Park Lane last Saturday when she said an impatient driver swerved around her.

    She honked. Ewing said the driver cursed. Then Ewing said she shouted back and said her boyfriend stepped out of the car.

    That's when she said the driver pulled the gun.

    "It wasn't until after he said ‘take one more foot and I will blow your effing brains out’ that I pulled my phone out and took a few pictures," Ewing told Willis.


    Despite the images, Smyrna police interpreted the event much differently.

    "Cops refuse to arrest the man and we don't know why," Ewing told Willis.

    Tuesday, police revealed that they believe the man with the gun is the victim, saying he feared for his life when Ewing's boyfriend stepped out of the car.

    But Ewing doesn't believe the man was fearful of her boyfriend after taking a photo of him smiling while pointing his gun at her boyfriend.

    She said his smile only went away when he realized he was being recorded.

    "He just needs to get help or be arrested. It's uncalled for," Ewing told Willis.

    Police said they presented the case to an impartial magistrate judge who declined to issue an arrest warrant.

    Ewing questions that decision.

    "I could just pull a gun and cock it on him and it's perfectly fine?" Ewing said.

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