Student arrested with weapon at Wheeler High School

Student arrested after bringing weapon to Wheeler High; school placed on lockdown

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Students said they were forced to lock doors, cover windows and stay quiet during a code red lockdown Friday.

Cobb County authorities said a student was arrested with a weapon at Wheeler High School.

Senior Lavar Lesure said he and his classmates quickly listened to their weightlifting coach Friday morning.

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The Cobb County School District said a “rumored threat” forced a code red lockdown.

Lesure quickly realized the lockdown wasn’t a drill. The student-athlete said his classmates all remained calm and followed his teacher’s instructions.

He just followed the procedures he was supposed to follow.

“All doors are locked. Windows are covered. Everybody is quiet. Phones off. Everybody away from windows and doors,” Lesure said.

In a statement, a Cobb County school district spokesperson says in part:

“During the investigation, a suspect was arrested and found to be in possession of a weapon… All students are safe, and the school is operating on a normal schedule while CCSD police continue their investigation."


A mother of two students at Wheeler emailed us her concerns, calling the lockdown “a scary situation.” She said, “speaking up is key.”

Lesure told Channel 2's Chris Jose his teacher and classmates quickly took action for their own safety.

“I just hope for the best. I hope it’s not going to get serious. But you just never know. I just hope that I get to make it home that day,” Lesure said.

Channel 2 Action News asked the school district to clarify what kind of weapon. A spokesperson would not tell us.

The principal did notify parents about the lockdown.