Cobb County

Victim's mom pushing to make street racing a felony

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — The search continues for a second driver tied to a street race that killed two people in Cobb County, police say.

The crash, which took place in April on Floyd Road near the Silver Comet Trail, claimed the lives of Patrick Duff and James Wheeler.

Nearly two months after Duff’s death, Tangelia Ray returned to the scene of the crash on Monday to add to a roadside memorial.

“It’s just hard to be here. Just remembering the car and the whole crash,” Ray said. “I can just picture it.”

Investigators said George Cambi and the driver of a Chevrolet Trailblazer were street racing on Floyd Road. Cambi crashed into a car, causing it to roll and collide with a tree.

Police have found the SUV, but have not identified the driver or issued any warrants.

“He needs to man up and turn himself in,” Ray said.


Ray told Channel 2's Cobb County Bureau Chief Chris Jose that she's teaming up with a North Carolina woman who lost her son in a street racing crash.

“We’re pushing to make this a felony. We need 100,000 signatures in 30 days,” Ray said.

Ray told Jose she’s hoping to get the attention of the White House with a petition. She’s encouraging lawmakers to look at harsher street racing punishments that result in death.

“That’s just like a gun. You make a choice and pull a trigger on a gun. You make a choice to push your foot on the pedal to the floor,” Ray said.

The petition calls street racing an epidemic and it’s asking lawmakers to consider more jail time and fines.

Ray believes tougher laws could save lives.

“People are dying of all ages for just riding down the street, walking down the street and crossing the street,” said Ray.

In Georgia, street racing is considered a misdemeanor.

CLICK HERE to view and sign the petition.