Torrential rain causes road to wash out in Cobb County

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Heavy rain washed out part of a road in Cobb County overnight.

Crews have been out all Friday working to repair the 10-foot section of roadway that collapsed on Randall Farm Road near Vinings Forest Way.

Homeowners who live in the neighborhood are being forced to detour around the washout.

"It was just torrential. It was just pouring. It was really heavy for a couple of hours, thunder and lightning," neighbor Marian Sebel told Channel 2's Tom Regan.


Sebel lives next to the creek that turned into a raging river Thursday night as four inches of rain fell in a short amount of time.

Debris carried downstream by the stormwater blocked pipes running under the road. The floodwater quickly crested over the road, eroding the pavement and causing the road to collapse into the creek.

"It completely collapsed. It was extraordinary," Sebel said. "There was so much rain it just washed it out."

The washout is an inconvenience, but luckily, the collapse has not blocked off access to any homes.

"Fortunately, I have another way to get out of the neighborhood, so I'm not totally stuck. I can still get to the grocery store," Sebel said.

Sebel says she's been told it may take a week or longer to repair the road.