• Thieves with guns targeting employees when they least expect it, police say

    By: Chris Jose


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Robbers with guns are following people and waiting for them to get distracted by their phones. Then they pounce.

    Channel 2's Chris Jose talked to one victim who's so traumatized she still doesn't want to show her face.

    "I was scared, and I gave him the bag because I won't let anybody shoot me," she said.

    On Monday, she left a hair salon on Riverside Parkway in Austell to head home for the night.

    "I was in my car, checking my emails, and I saw somebody coming from the back of the building," she said.

    The victim said she had more than $3,500 cash in her bag and she had planned to deposit it the following day.

    She said a masked man flashed his gun and demanded her bag. 


    Twenty-four hours later, Cobb County police said robbers targeted a worker who had just wrapped up his shift at Copeland’s restaurant near Cumberland Mall. 

    The victim was also in his car and on the phone when a man approached him. Seconds later, police said a second suspect walked across the parking lot and pointed a gun at him.

    Police said the armed robbers stole more than $200 cash from the Copeland’s employee. 

    Someone from the restaurant said security guards patrol that area at all times of the day.

    Investigators are working to find out if that robbery is connected to the one in Austell.





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