Teachers, students say school overcrowding is just beginning of serious problems

Teachers and students say a Cobb County high school is severely overcrowded. Channel 2 Action News was in the room Wednesday night when they took those concerns to the school board.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News is learning about new problems at a Cobb County school that is overcrowded.

Channel 2's Justin Wilfon was sent pictures from inside Pebblebrook High School and they show mold and a bathroom that's out of order. Some students are even concerned about rats.

Wilfon was live Wednesday in Marietta, where students and teachers at the school took their concerns straight to the school board during a meeting.

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Each time one of them voiced their concerns at the meeting, the rest of them stood up.

“I think Pebblebrook is most in need at this particular time and needs a lot of attention from the county,” teacher Anna Clay said.

Clay made her concerns about severe overcrowding at the school crystal clear.

“Based on the number of students we have right now, we are 37 classrooms short of where we should be,” Clay said.


Channel 2 Action News first reported last week that Cobb County school officials admitted Pebblebrook High is over capacity by 700 students.

“We have a lot of trailers. That seems to be what they’re trying to do as a solution but it’s not working,” student Alexander Ash-Green said.

Teachers and students say the bathrooms in the school often don’t work.

“Our school is a little, dirty old mess on the side of the road,” student Phoenix Coffee said.

The teachers and students want a renovation and an expansion.

The superintendent told them those things are currently in the design phase and promised that soon they’ll have a school that’s more than big enough.

“We’re not going to rebuild a school and have it at capacity the day that it opens,” Superintendent Chris Ragsdale said.

The superintendent also said another meeting is planned with Pebblebrook officials in the coming weeks to find out more about the school’s needs.