STEM students get grade boost for HOPE scholarship

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Starting this fall, Georgia college students who take demanding courses in science, technology, engineering and math will get a boost in their final grade score.

State lawmakers passed a new provision for Hope scholarship qualifications.

The change will provide a half point increase in their grade point average. Currently, students must maintain a 3.0 average to qualify for the scholarship.The boost would apply to grades of B, C, and D.
Several students majoring in math and science at Kennesaw State University told Channel 2's Tom Regan they appreciated the extra hand when it comes to their grades.
"It sounds awesome. I would be grateful to have some extra help. Some of the classes are very hard," said math major Cayla Franzman.




Another graduate student says he wishes he had the same assistance when he was an undergrad.
"Science courses tend to be very difficult, so having that little buffer would alleviate a lot of the fears for students just starting out," said chemistry graduate student Daniel Corella.
The GPA boost isn't just a HOPE lifeline. It's a way to steer more student into taking challenging courses of study and pursuing careers that will help meet the soaring demand for tech industry workers in Georgia.
"If we can grow talent locally, regionally, it will just make us more competitive as a city, and as a region," said KSU Statistics and Data Professor Dr. Jennifer Priestly.

Lawmakers said the modification in the HOPE program will not cost the state extra money