Cobb County

Smyrna employee charged with helping DUI suspects fake community service

SMYRNA — A city employee is out of a job and facing criminal charges after being accused of helping drunk driving defendants fake community service to get their licenses back.

Channel 2's Ross Cavitt learned the criminal charges might not end with the now-fired city worker.

“We uncovered that it was a city employee that was falsifying documents,” Louis Defense from the Smyrna Police Department said.

It had ended at the Smyrna Parks Department but the investigation started miles up Atlanta Road at State Court when the examination of the phone of one DUI defendant found messages indicating Smyrna Parks employee Earl Byrd helped fake community service hours.

Police say Earl Byrd would charge about $100 for 40 hours of community service.

According to an arrest warrant, the message read, “Earl will hook you up for either money or favors.”

Byrd would charge about $100 for 40 hours of community service. It is unclear what the favors consisted of.

Police say the case goes beyond just the one DUI defendant.

“At this point in time it’s still under investigation but we have several people we’ve identified and we’re trying to further that investigation to make sure we’ve uncovered the entire crime,” Defense told Cavitt.

Smyrna fired Byrd and police have charged him with felony false statements.


This is not the first time something like this has happened in Cobb County.

Earlier this year, investigators charged a person at a DUI school with falsifying class attendance for money.

Last year, a jury found former Marietta Councilman Anthony Coleman guilty of helping a friend fake 100 hours of community service never completed.

Coleman got probation, lost his council seat and ironically was ordered to perform hundreds of hours of community service.

Smyrna police warn those who received the fake credit for community service might be next on their list.

“Wherever this investigation takes us we will follow it and whenever charges are appropriate we will bring them,” Defense said.