• School bus driver saves students after fiery crash


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A school bus driver is being hailed a hero for her actions during a fiery crash Friday evening near the Cobb County, Douglas County border.

    A spokesperson for Douglas County Schools told Channel 2 Action News that a bus carrying Turner Middle School students was involved in the crash.

    The wreck happened at the intersection of Old Alabama and Maxham roads when a vehicle crashed into a school bus.


    That vehicle caught fire, and the flames quickly spread to the school bus. The students were still on the bus at this time.

    Douglas County Schools Transportation Director Andy Micacchione said the driver, Sharonda Richardson, guided all the students off the bus.

    "Richardson quickly worked to safely evacuate all her passengers and avoid a potentially life-threatening situation," Micacchione said.

    Authorities tell Channel 2 Action News that the driver of the car was taken to a hospital.

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