Cobb County

Social media post threatens to ‘exterminate' black students

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Dozens of parents kept their children home from school Friday over a disturbing social media threat.

The angry, vile and racist post was allegedly made by a sophomore at North Cobb High School.

“It was vile language and n-words and everything, but I saw a threat inside that post. When you’re talking about the genocide of a whole race of people and you’re going to go get your Glock if anyone messes with you, I saw that as a threat,” parent Kevin Hill said.

The post used the n-word six times and threatened violence against African-American students, saying "I want slavery back."

"Look at things like Columbine or look at Dylan Roof. He hated on, he responded on a hate act or hate crime so we can't take these things lightly especially when it comes to our children,” said Donae Bishop, who decided to keep her daughter home from school Friday.

School officials first sent out a voice mail trying to calm fears, but when the screen shot of the message spread through social media, they posted a letter denouncing the post, calling it deplorable and saying they were addressing it in accordance with district policies and procedures.


Several angry parents say the school’s response falls short.

"I think they need to at least say he was suspended for a week, a month, indefinitely, give me something other than he's not in school today,” Hill said.

The parents are accusing the district of trying to protect the school’s reputation instead of its students.

"I kept her home from school today because I just didn't know which way the wind was going to blow,” Bishop said. “To me it’s like they are protecting him instead of the children.”

Some parents met off campus Friday afternoon to figure out how to get answers.

“Sweeping things under the rug is never going to solve anything. It’s never going to help anyone,” parent Gary Ryles said.

Many parents said if the author of the post is allowed back on campus, they don’t want their kids there.

"This kid could come back in a month, and what makes you think what he thinks today, unless he gets some help, is going to be helped in a month or a week we don't know,” Hill said

The principal and vice principal told the parents they plan to hold a meeting in the coming weeks to figure out what will be done.

The following is the full letter the school sent to parents:

"Dear North Cobb High School Family,

As the administrative team at North Cobb, we want to assure you that the investigation continues into the offensive social media post that circulated within our school this week.

The North Cobb High School administration and staff does not condone this type of profane and bigoted behavior in our school.  The message was deplorable and we denounce everything about it.  We take this matter very seriously and we are addressing it in accordance with Cobb County School District policies and procedures.

In the midst of this disturbing behavior, we have also witnessed many students adhering to the high moral standards we uphold as the Warrior Nation. They have shown amazing resolve to not let hate into our school.  We are North Cobb and we will continue to celebrate our diversity and support one another.

We will use this as an opportunity to remind ourselves why we are here and that we, as a school community, stand for respect and inclusion. This must be a place where all are free to learn in a safe and welcoming environment.

In the future, please share any information relating to possible acts against our students or our community. Tell your child to pass along what they know to school police, and an administrator, a trusted teacher or a school counselor.

As always, we are committed to keeping you updated with facts and information related to your child's safety and security.


North Cobb High School Administration"