• Neighbors say trains constantly stopped on tracks create dangerous situation

    By: Matt Johnson


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - People living in a Cobb County neighborhood say stopped trains are backing up traffic and blocking emergency vehicles.

    Neighbors said last Thursday, a train stopped on Woodland Brook Drive in Vinings caused a traffic backlog that lasted more than an hour.

    “It’s happened so many times. That’s just sort of the major frustration,” neighbor Woody Wisebram said. “Especially for over an hour, it just creates a dangerous situation."

    Neighbors sent Channel 2’s Matt Johnson a photo that showed a train stopped and a fire engine unable to get through.

    Wisebram said she was stuck in the traffic last week, not knowing when the train would start moving.


    “It seems to be that they could be a little more sensitive to a neighborhood crossing, especially stopping the train in the middle of rush hour,” she said.

    CSX told Johnson there were technical errors that caused the train to stop last Thursday.

    As for all the other times, a spokesperson said, “Trains are traveling slowing as they enter CSX’s local Tilford Yard, which has speed restrictions, or trains may stop to wait for clearance to safely enter the yard.”

    A Cobb County spokesperson said county officials are in contact with CSX as it is a potential safety issue.

    Neighbors said they are running out of patience.

    “How much longer is this going to go on? Can we find out how we can remedy the situation?” Wisebram said.

     CSX said it is working on keeping an open line of communication with neighbors in the future.

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