Few answers after homeowner finds body on doorstep

Police are trying to figure out what happened.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Some Cobb County neighbors are hoping for answers after a homeowner found a body on his porch Wednesday morning.

There isn't a lot that is known about how the victim ended up at the house or what even happened to him.

What is known is that neighbors, especially ones with children, are horrified about what they saw.

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“I couldn’t imagine waking up to something like that,” one neighborhood mother told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson, not identifying herself.

The mother said she knew something was wrong at her neighbor's house but no one expected to find out someone had died.


“When my mom left out for work she saw the crime scene but she didn’t realize it was a body on the steps,” the woman said.

Cobb County police spent most of the day at the house on Golden Pine Road after they say the homeowner discovered the body.

Neighbors said the victim was still wearing black pants with Adidas sneakers.

<p>Video from the scene shows crime scene tape around the home on Golden Pine Road early Wednesday morning.</p>

Video from the scene shows crime scene tape around the home on Golden Pine Road early Wednesday morning.

“His legs were copped up on the porch and you could see blood dripping down the stoop,” the mother said.

Police told Johnson that the victim arrived in a stolen car, walked up the driveway and collapsed in front of the door.

Investigators are working to figure out if the victim was possibly shot at another location.

Police haven't said if the man who died knew the person who discovered his body.

“Maybe got hurt somewhere else and decided to come over here,” the woman said.

While they wait for answers, neighbors in the community say the day has been anything but normal.

“I wouldn’t expect it. It’s quiet over here, everyone goes to work, it's peaceful,” the mother said.

The victim's name and cause of death has not been released.